10 Things Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You about the American Revolution – Listverse

[ ] The American Revolution is the foundational moment in the formation of the United States and a defining moment in world history. It is a story of bravery, determination, and the pursuit of freedom. But while the American Revolution is widely studied and celebrated, many aspects of the conflict are often overlooked or underrepresented. … Read more

10 Men Who Suffered Horrible Executions – Listverse

[ ] Before the rise of modern humanism in the mid-17th century, offending the ruling class throughout Europe and Asia could result in a man being sentenced to a horribly brutal execution. These days, most of the civilized world denounces such “cruel and unusual punishments,” and they are outlawed. But long ago, public torture executions … Read more

12 Horrifically Deadly Historic Heat Waves – Listverse

[ ] Disastrous heat waves wreak havoc on millions of people every year. Sometimes, brutal heat can buckle roads and short-circuit critical infrastructure. Other waves tax energy supplies and leave millions living through difficult power outages. Sustained heat can cost farmers and growers billions of dollars in lost crops too. Sadly, the very worst heat … Read more

10 Strange Cases of Historical Remains Split Up after Death – Listverse

[ ] When rich, powerful, and otherwise famous people die, they are often buried in elaborate tombs and shrines. They lived impactful public lives during their time on earth, and many want to memorialize them forever. In most cases, these high-profile grave markers become places of mourning and remembrance for thousands. In some cases, grief-stricken … Read more