10 Movies Shot in One Take – Listverse

[ ] Lights, camera, action—one take only! There’s something truly captivating about a movie filmed entirely in one shot, allowing viewers to experience the unfolding story in real time without interruption. From complex tracking shots to simpler, more intimate perspectives, these films are a true test of a director’s skill and a cinematographer’s vision. In … Read more

Ten of the Longest American Prison Terms Ever Served – Listverse

[ ] Throughout human history, some very, very long prison sentences have been handed down. Mandatory sentencing guidelines, jury recommendations, victim statements, and judicial discretion combine to occasionally levy severe sentences on convicted felons. Take the case of Thailand’s Chamoy Thipyaso. The military wife ran an infamous pyramid scheme in that south Asian nation that … Read more

10 Fantastic Fossils Found by Accident – Listverse

[ ] Paleontologists typically study for years to get their master’s degree or Ph.D. in paleontology. This extensive academic background enables them to start a career searching for and studying ancient animal and plant fossils. It’s exciting work that also explores the relationship between ancient living things and their modern-day relatives. So it’s always big … Read more